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Alright…first…breathe…you’re arguing so vehemently, like our life depends on it. It’s just an article where someone is sharing their experience. If you want to have a dialogue, I’m game, but easy does it. If the article is not your style, move on. It’s not like you’re being forced to date the author.

Next, we all lie. Consciously or subconsciously. If you expect to meet someone that never does, you’ll never find anyone to have a relationship with. For instance, your name on here is The Women, which without paying too closely led me to believe you were one. Couldn’t it be argued that you are lying by omission and misleading me, since you clearly are a male but omitting that with an image of a female? I’m not judging, I’m just laying it out there that we can claim that anything is a lie if it isn’t explicitly stated. Which leads me to a question:

Are you under the impression that there is a circumstance where whipping out your dick without explicit solicitation is acceptable and that women need to tell you to not do it for you to know that they don’t want that?

In case you’re at all confused, it’s not okay nor acceptable in any circumstance except in a consensual relationship and clearly verbally communicated intention beforehand. If you really just can’t help yourself or get confused about if it’s appropriate with a woman you aren’t in a relationship with, then I would strongly recommend you find a therapist to discuss your urge to whip it out at the slightest sign of interest from a female. That’s not normal and there’s no excuse. Even if you think she’s leading you on, it STILL isn’t appropriate.

If you can’t agree on that, then I really don’t see any point in discussing this any further and again I would encourage you to find a therapist to discuss this with.

However, if can agree that it’s not appropriate under any circumstance, then on to the next question, what is this following sentence about?

“She gets to feel so superior to those perverts who couldn’t read her mind.”

I think you’ve missed a key element here…this story shouldn’t exist. No woman should have to explain to a man that this behaviour is inappropriate — woman should never have to be in a position to HAVE to say something— especially to a pervert- they know what they’re doing — in fact the college guy specifically asks her not to tell because he knows he’ll be in big trouble if she reports him- he knows — they all know. And why are you expecting a child to be able to stand up to adults or even other peers. It takes a lot of maturity and confidence in yourself to call someone out as being inappropriate no matter what age you are.

So of course men aren’t mind readers but men don’t need to be one to know that whipping it out and then requesting it to be touched is unacceptable behaviour.

“Don’t like how men behave? Tell them?”

WHAT? You seriously expect the women to bear the responsibility of teaching you what is socially acceptable? Your parents should have taught you better and so should have your school and your peers. Females are not responsible to teach you obvious etiquette like don’t whip it out even as a joke. Don’t ask women to touch it. Thats for the bedroom in a committed relationship. Keep that basic rule of thumb in mind and you’ll be a lot better off because your responses indicate personal experience and past confusion on this as if you yourself have done this on more than one occasion and are surprised that it backfired.

Note…it will ALWAYS backfire. Don’t do it. The author didn’t need to tell those men not to do it to their faces because, first they shouldn’t have done it to begin with, and second it isn’t a female’s responsibility to teach men what’s inappropriate or not.

You’re literally yelling in caps about how women should communicate but you’re putting all responsibility on the female. Why shouldn’t males be responsible to communicate their intentions before acting. Then a women wouldn’t have to be in the awkward and uncomfortable position of rejecting something that’s inappropriate to begin with. You’re literally arguing that women should be put into uncomfortable situations and then after the fact, make it their responsibility to call you out on your inappropriate behaviour. On what planet is that in any way decent or morally fair. First don’t put women in that kind of situation to begin with. Second, at the very least ask — which is still going to require that the female respond but at least then you’re communicating before physically assaulting a woman with your penis.

If nothing else remember this rule of thumb:

Religion, politics and penises — it’s ok to have them. Just don’t wave them in my face.

Finally, your last sentenced is actually disturbing:

“But women are always allowed to be dishonest. Honesty is only demanded of men.”

Your generalisation of all women is dehumanising and indicates a lack of ability to see women as human beings. This I can only presume is due to your own past personal experiences with women. Neither of these last sentences are true and if you actually believe them then again I would strongly encourage you to find a good therapist to work these things out. It’s an extremely unhealthy viewpoint that will only lead down a dark road and utterly dysfunctional relationships that are doomed from the start.

Talk to a professional that can help you work through these things as your response indicates personal experience that has warped your perception of women, healthy relationships and what is and isn’t appropriate.




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