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Encountering Chihuly

  • Snoqualmie — being huge fans of the show Twin Peaks, we couldn’t miss this chance to check out the beautiful water fall as seen in the opening credits. It’s only about 45 minutes east of Seattle and definitely worth the trip, the water fall is even larger and more grand than it looks in the show.
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  • Pike Place Market — you have to go —a mix between a shopping center, a farmer’s market and a wharf, it’s got it all. Watching the fish being thrown as the fisherman call out is an entertaining experience.
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  • The first Starbucks — totally cheesy for some but hey it’s landmark. I had already been multiple times but my wife hadn’t gone and since she used to work at Starbucks it seemed like a relevant stop. The last time we had tried to go, it had been New Year’s Eve and the store was closed for the holiday. What’s a trip to Seattle without a coffee at the first Starbucks location?
Seattle’s First Starbucks
  • The Space Needle —yes it’s a tourist trap but I’d been to Seattle too many times to remember and had never actually gone there — seemed like it was either now or never.
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Photo by Marcus Urbenz on Unsplash



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