2 min readApr 21, 2022


Great post! Thanks for writing and sharing!

I really appreciated the introspective and personal nature of this post! Keep it up - it's a winning approach!

Though I never purchased a pebble watch, this post certainly made me wish I had!

Learned a lot from this! Great references/links to other articles too!

I'm reminded of the ol' adage, "Hardware is HARD!"

Also, I'm impressed and glad to hear the watches are still functional and usable today! That a major win. In today's world of tech hardware that loses 90% of its functionality as soon as the manufacturer shuts down is increasingly becoming a problem and point of tension for consumers that are asked to pay a premium for "smart" products which then become very dumb products and effectively turns into vaporware when the company dissolves. Take for example Insteon.

This functionality loss problem of hardware will no doubt continue to trend upward and will only be able to be fixed by tech companies or via legislation. At some point human beings are going to get tired of paying a premium for product functionality that can disappear on them - meanwhile my $35 Casio still works fine 20 years later with a simple battery replacement - neither my hardware nor the functionality of the hardware has disappeared. Glad to hear that Pebble is similar.

Last thing - would love a little bit more clarify your reference to YC. I googled it and believe its in reference to Y Combinator but not familiar with the short hand lingo and figure other reader might be wondering the same.