Oh my god! YES!

If I could recapture all of the time I’ve spent standing in front of someone wondering why the hell they are droning on about something I had never asked them about, I would have at least a week back of my life!!!!

Thank you for the tips on getting out of these situations! I find these situations soooo painful! Especially when already exhausted from taking care of an infant.

It’s just astounding how many times I would say something and as I was saying it, I would immediately regret it as I would inevitably see the light of the “You know what you should do” train pulling in. Somehow I’m always the last stop for the night and the train has no where else to be. Damn.

My preferred responses (that I’ve never actually given) when asked “You know what you should do?”

1. Yes I DO.

2. I didn’t ask.

3. I don’t give a fuck what you think I SHOULD DO.

Maybe someday I’ll be so tired I’ll not care enough to let one of these slip…

In the meantime…thanks for nailing it in this post!

There’s who I THINK I am. There’s who I WANT to be. And there’s who I ACTUALLY am. I’ll be damned if I can figure out which one is which.

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