Thanks for sharing. On of my goals this week is working out my weekly schedule on a calendar because I felt it was important and the timing of this article couldn' have been more perfect!

Great ideas to develop off of.

I do think that there is a bit of simplicity in this that for instance is not always available - we don't all have the salary of a brain surgeon who can afford to have a stay-at-home spouse or a nanny, etc. Some of us don't have family nearby - in big cities like NYC it can be difficult to get to know your neighbors, much less trust them to watch your child for a bit. There's an implicit assumption here that we all have luxuries available to us that we just need to apply - in actuality - a lot of this stuff can only be applied by those that have the luxury to apply these techniques. Putting in buffer time for travel to work in NYC could literally eat up 4 hours of your day for commuting - it doesn't matter how you look at the calendar that's a lot of lost time (and energy).

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