There are male therapists. They actually dominate the fields of therapy.

In fact I’m hard pressed to think of a female psychologist responsible for the development of therapy. Freud, Jung, Skinner, Puiget, Pavlov….hard pressed indeed. It’s a field dominated by males. Sad but true. A little more female perspective would probably be a healthy balance.

You sound very angry and like you’ve picked women to be your poison of choice, i.e. the reason all the problems in your life.

Others with similar feelings pick Jews or gays or Hispanics or blacks or Muslims or whatever for all their problems but in the end it’s all the same thing. Anger hyper focused isn’t healthy or even reality and it just enables you to think you have a good reason for your anger.

Have you ever thought about taking a break from your anger towards women. You might find that’s not really your source of anger.

There’s who I THINK I am. There’s who I WANT to be. And there’s who I ACTUALLY am. I’ll be damned if I can figure out which one is which.

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