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Wow this article scares the shit out of me. It's complete niaevete is utterly astounding. There is a MASSIVE amount of scientific evidence proving this article as bullshit gaslighting. This is literally the author saying hey I'm from silicon valley, I literally wrote the playbook for tech companies to make you addicted to tech (Hooked) and now I want to assuade my own guilt by gaslighting everybody into thinking we're not doing what you are smart enough to figure out we're doing.

For anyone that's interested in actually knowing the scientific evidence about this read up on:

- The Skinner Box

- How Casinos & Strip Clubs are designed and WHY

Here's an MIT researcher at a TED talk explaining how tech influences us by using bias and weaknesses in psychology to get tech to influence us:

Here's a link of all the ways facebook has been irresponsible towards humanity:

This medium post explains why screen timers don't work:

This medium post explains how algorithms and tech companies are now the arbiters of truth:

Books to check out:

- The Power of Habit explains how Target uses your buying behavior to influence your future buying behavior

- User Friendly explains how Amazon sales flatline until they invented the "Buy Now" button which made sales on Amazon skyrocket. THE "BUY nOW" BUTTON LITERALLY PROVED THAT TECH COMPANIES ARE INFLUENCING BEHAVIOR.

The book also shows how Facebooks algorithms have started HOT WARS - wars in which people have died.

- The Age of Surveillance Capitalism explains what's been happening to society over the last 20 years started by google, facebook, & co.

Too much to read? How about an entire Netflix documentary about the "myth" of social media mind control:

Nir Eyal must be getting paid good money to be gaslighting us and tell us there's no scientific evidence for tech influencing us. Anyone here heard about the Cambridge Analytica scandal?




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